Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lazy days in Calahonda

                        Yesterday, I was a lazy slug and loved every minute.  I didn't post a word.
Today, I finally found my muse and began writing Flamenco Strings: Uncorked..but I knew I needed to create an outline and needed a new notebook!  So, I decided a walk to the village was warranted.  By 11:00, I knew I had to leave.  Still no milk for my coffee or my cereal.  Dry cereal really doesn't go down well...and I switched to tea this morning.  That yogurt in place of milk in my coffee?  Bleejjjjj.  Nasty.  So, off I went.
                                           A McDonald's sign is on the end of my road!
The flowers are blooming their heads off.  The blooms fall over walls, from windows and flower pots, into the street, and cascade over the privacy walls.  Just outside my front door I found a poinsettia that is taller than I am!  The bouganvilla directly across from my front door is stunning.

I was on the prowl for two things today.  I wanted a blank notebook so I could begin my outline for book #4 because I'd finally felt the words and scenes pouring into my head when I got up this morning.   She's learning Spanish.  She's holding a baby.  She's struggling with emotions.  Her life is a bit complicated.  But she's Callie.  She will figure it out!

And I wanted to find a two-piece bathing suit that isn't a bikini (obviously a woman of 70 years old...who me?  Gads).  I found one but when I asked the sales clerk if she had a changing room, she whipped out her smart phone, fingered in the translation app and handed me her phone.  I punched in the words and she read them with a NO.  Okay, there is no way I am buying a suit I THINK might fit.  I'll stick to my one piece (for now).
The hike back up Calle Monte is always a hard one and today was particularly hard because it was the hottest day yet...about 85. 

When I got home, it was time to put my feet up and enjoy a cool drink and some cheese....

Easter day will be spent in the pool at Lyn's house and I'm delighted (she hopes it will be warm enough...) and then she's invited me to her Easter dinner event with several friends.  It is such a lovely feeling to be part of this friendship that includes so many people in her life that I can now include in mine.  El Carro now knows the way to Los Nuñez (mostly).

Tonight, I pulled out the DVDs Lyn lent to me and I found several that looked very interesting.  There are three remote control devices, one television, one DVD player and one person who can't figure any of them out.  I spent a long time punching buttons and finally settled on watching an Italian movie, dubbed in Spanish that I couldn't understand at all...but it was noise.  I am now talking to myself and answering myself...both in English and Spanish.
Big sigh.
I look forward to an early church service for Easter in the little church I found in Calahonda.  It is old, has windows that peek toward the roundabout and doors that embrace an invitation.  I see on television, the many people watching the statue of Christ in processions in the streets for the Semana Santa and I marvel at the stamina and wondrous reverence the multitude portrays.  It is both beautiful and encapsulating to watch it, but I did not go to see it myself in Malaga because of the crowds and my fear of driving El Carro in the big city.
For me, I enjoy the photos of my grandchildren with the Easter bunny.
And a quaint Easter service.
For me, that is Easter.

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