Sunday, August 4, 2019

It’s Take. A. Breath. Day

After the Celtic Concert last night, Lyn graciously invited me to spend the night at the round house so I wouldn’t drive across Malaga at night.  She seems to be having trouble getting rid of me because I keep returning to Los Nuñez and her home like a magnet.  It is so lovely there, with a view to numb the senses from every low-slung window.  Her dogs Scalliwag (Scally) and Scamp think I’m part of the family.  And Lyn treats me as such.  Life offers wonderful surprises sometimes and I’m holding on with both hands when it happens.

Two of the many fascinating things that I enjoy here in Spain are the balconies that frame many glass doors.  I focus on the Spanish flag that is often draped across the wrought iron railing, gently blowing in the breeze.  Others are draped with beautiful scarves called mantones or used as drying racks for wet laundry.  And then there are the intricately-carved doors, each with some fascinating door knockers, (no pun intended despite this rather strange one...)brass  door knobs and tiny, insignificant key holes, so different from the ones I see in the USA.

My biggest jaunt today was driving along the A-7 to La Cala Del Moral and finding a parking space.  Thanks goodness dad forced me into learning to parallel park all those years ago because it paid off today.   I’m still unsure how I did it, but Lola is perched between a red Volkswagen and a black Clio ...ALMOST touching both bumpers.

My little hideaway apartment is cozy, quiet and clean.  I’m reading another good book and happy when my phone dings with a text message from my friends and family at home.  Sometimes it’s too quiet here, but...

Tomorrow, I plan to attack the issue of a city bus ride into Malaga, a practice run for my lunch date on Wednesday with my Spanish friend, Vicky.  We are related through marriage way back when through her grandfather who immigrated to Vacaville, California near the town where I was born.  Vicky is also in the documentary Pasaje a Hawai that I was a part of.  So, tomorrow, the bus will take me into the city because the thought of driving Lola into a maze of 600,000 into unknown streets stretches my adventurousness.

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