Thursday, August 29, 2019

Going shopping!

Wile I’ve been in Spain, I always get excited when I walk into a grocery store whether it’s Mercadona, Lidl or super Sol.  Today, it was Lidl.  Lyn knows when we enter, she will lose me.  As usual, she put a 50 cent coin into the grocery cart handle and unlinked it from its brother...and off we went. This time, I followed her through the produce department and had a good laugh.  When I watched her pick up a cauliflower and begin removing the outer leaves, I scratched my head.
Me: Lyn, what are you doing?
Lyn:  You don’t think I want to pay for part of this that I’m not going to eat?? These are 1,89 per kilo.  I won’t pay for the leaves...

She had her own laugh as she watched me photograph tortillas español with spinach, with chorizo and without eggs.  There anchovies in vinegar, salmorejo soup, chorizos, and wine everywhere.  Tuna in huge cans, red peppers in plastic, already cooked and ready to eat.  Everyone gave us the side eye when the clerk tallied up the wine and beer for tonight’s dinner party... and then Lyn and I emptied the groceries into her trunk.  She returned the cart, relinked it to the other carts and retrieved her 50 cent piece.  It was another adventure.

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