Sunday, November 8, 2015

Touching Spanish Soil vs The Girl Immigrant Facebook Site

My newest Facebook pages:

THE GIRL IMMIGRANT, and can be found at this link:
This is the same title as my historical fiction book, The Girl Immigrant.
However, this Facebook site was created for Spanish descendants (or anyone interested in Spanish history and Spain,) to post photos of their ancestral villages or other items of interest.  I also encourage you to post photos of cities or villages in Spain you have visited and tell us why.  Only post photos here that you have ownership of...No copyrighted photos please.


SPANISH PEARLS GENEALOGY, can be found at this link:

Beginning February 1, 2016, I am launching a research piece to my genealogical passion.  Please visit my new website, which will go live the week of November 8, 2016.  This website is designed to contact me through a completed form if you are interested in digging further into your family tree. You will also find, photos, copies of documents, a link to The Girl Immigrant book page on my author website at and a Question and Answer page for Genealogy.