Sunday, August 11, 2019

Cousins, wine and more walking

Today, Caroline and I drove to Los Nuñez, down the monster road and made it without mishaps.  Lyn was dolled up when we arrived and we drank some wine, swam in the pool, washed our laundry and hung it to dry.  The , I drove us to Venta Gloria, down the little road to my cousin’s restaurant.  I was delighted when I saw Pedro Ruiz and he enveloped me in his arms with a huge smile.  He, Paco the bartender and Andres the server always make me feel like I am wearing a princess crown.  It was lovely introducing Caroline to some of my Spanish family.  (Since Caroline’s travel plans were interrupted, it was disappointing to miss my other cousins, Natalia, Encarni, and the new baby too.  Next time!)

Our meal was delicious, berenjenas drizzled with sugar cane honey (eggplant), rosada, white fish and a large green salad.  We asked Pedro if we could have chorizo, one of my favorite Spanish sausages that I rarely see on a menu.  He grinned adorably and said, “para ti, todo es posible.” (For you, all is possible.”  Like I said, he’s adorable.
Lola, my Mini,  drove us back to La Cala with time to spare before we put on visors and sunglasses to begin the walk along the beach to Rincon de la Victoria where we traced the steps I walked with Miguel two nights ago.  Caroline enjoyed the view of the sea, walking through the old train tunnels and the views along the way.  Our plan was to meet Miguel Alba near the antique train station in Rincon at 8:30, so we found a bench and rested our tired feet.  Within minutes, I thought I recognized a man named Salvador Domingues Ruiz, a good friend of Miguel’s, but no, it couldn’t be him... and then he recognized me and walked toward me with a huge smile on his face.  Yes, it was Salvador!  He was meeting Miguel also.  So, I thought, he was going with us to Benagalbón to have a drink too.  Nice.  And then, Miguel drove to the curb and I was happy to see his wife, Isa (Isabel) in the car too.    
Lots of Spanish, introductions all around and I heard Isa apologize because she spoke no English and Caroline said she knew no Spanish.  Miguel drove all of us up to my ancestors village, Benagalbón and the magic drifted over me like it always does when I see the narrow village streets, thousands of flowers in pots on balconies and along the front plaza.  As in times past, Miguel’s face shone with pride as he showed Caroline all the beauty of the village.  He walked me to several places where I’d been filmed in the documentary (el documental) and grinned when (of course) I grinned back at him. We stopped for some photos and then he led the group up the steps by the main plaza to La Candelaria Restaurant.  Miguel knew I loved tinto de verano and soon everyone had a drink.  
And then, surprise!  Plates of dinner began to pile up on the table...octopus, boquerones, squid, pork and fried vegetables.  My oh my, Caroline and I were filled to the brim quickly as we talked about the world in general, politics, the weather in Arizona and Virginia...and so much more.  The evening was balmy, 87 F. (33 C)  Miguel reminisced about Steven A. and Albert M. and being there for a meal recently when the men visited from America. 

It was a blessed day, filled with laughter, hugs, good food and beautiful memories.  Big hugs later and we were back in our little place on Calle Jábega in La Cala Del Moral.  Tomorrow, we give Lola back and catch the train to Madrid for our next adventure.  Caroline is adapting and ready to roll. 

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